How To Play

Fishbank is massively multiplayer game on blockchain that can be played in browser with the help of MetaMask extension.

MetaMask allows you to transfer Ether, sign transactions in blockchain, operate and manage your game assets tokens.

Intall MetaMask

After you have your MetaMask digital wallet installed please make sure you have some Ether on it to conver transactions costs.

If you don't have Ether (ETH, Ethereum network cryptocurrency) you can get one on Coinbase for fiat money or exchange on Shapeshipt for Bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency.

Try Early Alpha Today!

Fishbank Alpha is running in Rinkeby testnet that allows anyone to test it using free Ether. Just follow these steps:

1) Switch your MetaMask wallet to Rinkeby Test Network as shown on the left.

2) Get some test Ether for free from Rinkeby Faucet

3) Go to and enter desired nickname and your e-maill address to sign up for Fishbank Alpha.

Fishbank Alpha represents just the part of Stable version functionality and may contain serious bugs. Play at your won risk!

Please join our community to share your feedback and help us make the game better!

Fishbank allows to collect, attack, grow and trade unique cryptographic fish tokens.

Every action in Fishbank game is a transaction in Ethereum blockchain signed by your wallet private key. That requires a gas (Ethereum network kind of fuel) to be implemented in block and is in fact a miner reward.

That makes sure that every fish token you have is 100% owned by you, cannot be transfered, dimilished or removed by someone else while you keep private keys and the password from your wallet in a safe place.

All the tokens are securely stored in Ethereum blockchain — confirmed by the distributed immutable database it is publicly available to check on the evey blockchain node.

Build your army of fish tokens to attack others in deep blue decentralized ocean and gain part of their weight.

The core parameter of fish token is the weight which defines its size and influence. Fish is able to gain weight by hunting others taking bites off losers.

The main objective for a player is to increase the size of his fish in order to become the biggest fish. The more weight the fish has, the more powerful it is, the more value it may have on the market.

Every fish token can be traded between players, Fishbank takes just 4.5% from confirmed deal.

Game economy can’t be influenced by developers as there will be no instrument to change game balance after smart contracts are deployed and game is launched.

Stable version of Fishbank game will be released mid of March 2018.

There is a chance to preorder crypto fish token for the Stable game release by contributing Ether for game development.

  • Common — SOLD OUT
  • Rare from 0.07 ETH
  • Epic from 0.47 ETH
  • Legends from 2 ETH


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