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General Questions

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  • What is Fishbank?

    Fishbank is massively multiplayer game, a decentralized application based on smart contracts running in Ethereum blockchain mainnet.

    Players are collecting, fighting and growing crypto fish tokens to dominate the “decentralized food chain”.

    Every game asset is an ERC-721 token stored in the Ethereum network that can be sold or transferred just like any other cryptocurrency.

  • 我需要什么来玩Fishbank?
    玩Fishbank游戏您需要有安装了MetaMask数字钱包(浏览器扩展)的Google Chrome或Mozilla Firefox浏览器。请按照以下步骤:
    阅读更多在怎么玩页面: https://fishbank.io/n/howto.php
  • How can I get cypto fish token?

    You will need at least one crypto fish token in order to play the game. Player can aquire crypto fish token by two major ways:

    1. Catch a random one in the ocean for a fixed price

    2. Buy one from other players

    If you have preordered crypto fish tokens before the Stable version of the game launched they will be minted to the Ethereum wallet address set in Profile page of your Fishbank personal cabinet (https://in.fishbank.io)

  • How can I buy crypto fish token?

    You can buy crypto fish token on the integrated marketplace. Please enter the game and press "Market" tab in the main menu. Choose the fish token you would like to buy and transfer Ether to the smart contract address.

    Please be informed that it is safe to conduct deals for crypto fish tokens only on official game website. Fishbank team never ask you to transfer Ether directly to any kind of wallets.

    Don't get phished, please. Always check URL in your browser address bar that corresponds the official game server: https://play.fishbank.io

    All the settlements within Fishbank game are completed with Ether (Ethereum blockchain cryptocurrency).

  • How I can sell my fish?

    In order to put your crypto fish token on sale on the integrated marketplace please enter the game and press "Sell" button on the information page of any of yours fish tokens.

    Sending a fish to the market will freeze it for 7 days (it will be protected from attacks for this period). You are also not allowed using it to attack others while fish is on sale.

    Anyone can buy the fish on the market by paying the price you named. After buyer transfers cryptocurrency you will receive Ether directly on your Ethereum wallet (one that owns the fish).

    If the fish token was not sold for that period it will remain on the market until Seller will not Return it. After the fish token is returned it can be sent to the Market again or used to play the game as usual.

    Commission of 4.5% will be paid by the Seller on a successful deal.

  • How much is my fish worth?

    Your crypto fish token is worth right that amount of Ether that other players ready to transfer you in exchange for it.

    Fishbank is an open market game, everyone may offer his crypto fish token for any price he want or consider fair.

    Crypto fish price mainly depends on Weight, Rariry, Power, Agility and Speed. For some it may be also very important fot a fish may have the same color of all of its "parts".

  • What is Ethereum?

    Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third-party interference.

  • Ether和Gas是什么?
  • 为什么我要用MetaMask?

Playing The Game

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  • What is the chance to catch an Uncommon fish?

    It's like fishing in real life — you will never know what you will get. Chance to get Rare is 1:5, Epic 1:50, Legendary 1:5000, Top Legendary (Whale) is 1:1000000.

  • What happens if my fish gets to 0 Oz?

    Only you can burn your own token. Fish can not attack or be attacked with weight less than 2 Oz.

  • How can I unite fish tokens?

    You may feed any crypto fish token that you owns by any other fish owned by you. You can do that by pressing "Unite" button on your fish information page.

    Recipient crypto fish token may take up to 100% of its current weight from the donor. If the weight of the donor fish is less or equal to amount of recipient’s weight, donor fish token will be burned.

  • How can I get Modifiers?

    Modifiers can be found in Chests. Opening a Chest will always give you a random set of Modifiers.

    There are Huge chest (with 5 Modifiers inside), Medium chest (3 Modifiers) and a Small chest (1 Modifier).

  • Can I use several Modifiers at once?

    You can apply only one Modifier or Booster per time. If you have already applied Power Booster giving a fish an Agility booster will stop the effect of previous one.

  • Why transactions are in pedning status?

    The speed of how fast your transaction will be included in the Ethereum blockchain depends on gas limit and gas price. Game sets default values for these parameters when offers to sign you a transaction, but you may modify them at your own will.

    You are highly recommended to take into consideration current load on Ethereum blockchain in order to adjust settings for gas price and limit. Transactions with higher offered prices will be included in block in prior by miners.

  • How can I prolong duration of applied Modifier?

    Please use the special Modifier called "Extra Time" that gives additional time for duration of applied Modifier effect.

    There are Big Extra Time (that prolongs a Modifier for 3 days), Mid Extra Time (2 days) and a Small Extra Time (12 hours).

  • What is Instant Attack?

    Instant Attack is special and very rare Modifier that allows your fish to attack without waiting for a cooldown period.

  • How to improve Power and Agility numbers?

    You may use Modifiers (also referred to as "boosters") for temporary boost of your crypto fish tokens core characteristics.

    There are Big Booster that adds +30% (or at least 5), Mid Booster that adds +20% (or at least 3) and a Small Booster that adds 10% (or at least 1) to core characteristic.

  • How to protect my fish from being attacked?

    You can use special Modifier called Freezer that does not allow to attack your fish for a limited period of time.

    There are Big Freezer (protects for 30 days), Mid Freezer (14 days) and a Small Freezer (7 days).

  • Can I use my fish to attack if it was freezed?

    Yes, you can attack with your freezed fish but that will break the freezer effect and your fish will become available for incoming attacks.

  • What defines cooldown period for the crypto fish?

    After each fight fish will take a rest for a cooldown period that is defined by Speed characteristic of the fish token.

    1-512 hours
    6-1011 hours
    11-1510 hours
    16-209 hours
    21-258 hours
    26-307 hours
    31-356 hours
    36-405 hours
    41-454 hours
    46-503 hours
    51-552 hours
    56-601 hour and 30 min
    61-651 hour and 15 min
    66-701 hour
    71-7550 min
    76-8040 min
    81-8530 min
    86-9020 min
    91-9510 min
    96-1005 min

  • Can I improve Speed?


Fishbank Alpha, Preorders, Bounites

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  • Fishbank Alpha/Beta/Demo是什么?
  • 我怎么接收我预订的加密鱼代币?
    请确保您在稳定版游戏发布日期之前已在您的Fishbank个人账户 (https://in.fishbank.io)的资料页以太坊钱包区域填写了您的MetaMask钱包地址,这非常重要,因为加密鱼代币只能铸造一次,您需要MetaMask钱包来玩游戏,目前的Fishbank游戏不支持其他钱包。请用您在Fishbank选项卡用的MetaMask钱包来开启Fishbank游戏,您会在我的资产列表中看到您的鱼。
  • 为什么我在MetaMask看不到我的加密鱼代币?
  • 我怎样收到我的加密猫的礼物?
  • Fishbank游戏能在智能手机上玩吗?
  • Fishbank是开源的吗?
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