Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is Fishbank Alpha/Beta/Demo?
    That is the demonstration of Fishbank game functionality running on Ethereum test network called Rinkeby. That allows anyone to test Fishbank game core functions and not risk real Ether. Fishbank Demo may not represent all the functions available in the Stable release of Fishbank game. Some functions may be added to Demo later. Stable version of the game will be launched on 18th March 2018 in Ethereum mainnet (using real Ether cryptocurrency).
  • How can I receive my preordered crypto fish token?
    Please make sure you have filled in the Ethereum wallet field in Profile page of your Fishbank Cabinet account (https:\/\/in.fishbank.io) with an address of your MetaMask wallet before the date of actual Stable release launch. That’s important because crypto fish token may be minted only once. You will need a MetaMask in order to play the game, no other wallets are supported by the Fishbank game at the moment. Please start the Fishbank game using the sate MetaMask wallet that you have in your Fishbank Cabinet and you will see your fish in My Assets list.
  • Why I can’t see my crypto fish tokens in MetaMask?
    Every crypto fish token and any other Fishbank game asset is an ERC-721 token. MetaMask offers a convenient way to authorize on a website and sign transactions to Ethereum network, but does not support listing of ERC-721 tokens at the moment. You can see all your crypto fish tokens on the My Assets page in Fishbank game interface.
  • How can I receive a gift for my crypto cat?
    If you had a Gen 0 Crypto Kittie as of 1th January 2018 please enter Fishbank game with the same MetaMask wallet address that you have your kittie token on and you will see a gift in My Assets list in the game.
  • What do I need to play Fishbank?
    In order to play Fishbank game you need to have Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser with installed MetaMask digital wallet (browser extension). Please follow these steps:
    1) Navigate to Fishbank website and press Play button
    2) Unlock your MetaMask account
    3) Enter desired nickname and your e-maill address to start the game
    Read more on How to play page.
  • Can the Fishbank game be played on a smartphone?
    In the near future, yes. Most likely Stable version will have a mobile version for most popular platforms.
  • Is Fishbank open sourced?
    Smart contracts code will be published on Github prior to Stable version release. Results of all in-game actions are transparent and stored in Ethereum blockchain.
  • What is Ether and Gas?
    Ether or ETH is the Ethereum blockchain cryptocurrency. Gas is kind of fuel this blockchain consume to include transaction information in the block.
  • Why should I use MetaMask?
    Almost every Fishbank game action is Ethereum network transaction that should be signed by crypto token owner and must be included in the block before it applies any effect on the game assets. That makes sure your crypto game assets are stored in blockchain and every game action in listed there as well, so you can track the history of any crypto fish token.
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