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Fishbank Giveaway

Receive a Legendary crypto Dolphin Token

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  • There is a unique chance to get a crypto fish token for participating in Fishbank Giveaway that will take place from 23th April till 14th May.
  • Rewards

    Fishbank is giving away 32 crypto fish tokens and 50 chests for the best performing participants of the Giveaway:

    • 1 Dolphin (Unique Legendary)
    • 2x Grouper (Epic)
    • 5x Idol Fish (Rare)
    • 5x Fire Goby (Rare)
    • 20x Wrasse (Common)
    • 20x Huge Chests
    • 30x Medium Chests

    One participant may receive only one reward.

    Eligible Resources

    List of channels you can use to participate in Fishbank Giveaway:

    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • Reddit
    • Bitcointalk
    • Steemit
    • YouTube
    • Personal blog or a website
    • Telegram (Global Group)
    • Discord

    All the posts shall contain link to the Fishbank game and #fishbank #giveaway tags. Instagram post shall contain link to @fishbank.io official Instagram account.

    Please be informed that no E-mail marketing or PPC campaigns are allowed for participation in the Giveaway!


    There are four major ways you can participate in the Fishbank Giveaway:

    1. Make posts in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram:

    Post link to your crypto fish token, auction offer, Aquarium or fight results or any information about the Fishbank game or this giveaway with #fishbank and #giveaway hashtags in Facebook, Twitter. Your aim is to get as much comments, like and reposts as possible.

    There is a good examples of a tweet:

    #AIRDROP Retweet this to win legendary Dolphin or 32 other crypto fish tokens in the popular digital collectibles game on Ethereum blockchain — Fishbank https://www.fishbank.io/ Collect, grow and trade and get weekly rewards in Ether directly to your wallet! #fishbank #giveaway

    Perfect example for the Facebook post:

    Check my crypto fish tokens in the new digital collectibles game on the Ethereum smart contracts: https://play.fishbank.io/aquarium/0x8b19f4b6d87c54068cd31bb685facf2dd515c0fe #fishbank #giveaway Share this post to get a chance to win legendary crypto fish token and join me in this game to win prizes in Ether every week!
    2. Distribute your in the crypto community

    We really appreciate your help us spread the word on professional community websites like Reddit or Bitcointalk and really willing to reward you for this, but please keep in mind that these communities have strict rules that may influence the Fishbank game as well. We kindly ask you to share the link to Fishbank game responsibly in the manner appropriate ащк these rules.

    Signature link in Bitcointalk or your willing to fairly demonstrate your results on the Reddit can be a good idea.

    3. Invite friends to join Telegram or Discord groups

    Join Discord or Telegram official group and invite your friends. Just please don’t make any bots or spam, we are quite aware of controlling that and will ban all the rule-breakers.

    4. Make your review of the Fishbank game

    Give Fishbank a review and publish it on your personal blog, website, Steemit, or YouTube. Send us a direct link to our official E-mail so we can provide you with special link to include in the review.

    That will help you grab some additional Scores and even get Chests from users followed you link to join the game.

    We are publishing recent reviews announcements on the Fishbank main page (more than 120k unique visitors) and official Newsletter (80k+ subscribers) — that can also drive you some loyal audience to your blog or channel.

    Scores Table

    Rewards will be distributed between 88 best performers due to maximum score gained within the period of Fishbank Giveaway:

    How to Get The Link

    You are highly recommended to use a referral link generated in the Fishbank game to gain some new Friends in the game (everyone who follows your link will give you a Chest when fist caught a fish) and additional scores for the Giveaway.

    Link to Aquarium

    Demonstrate your crypto fish tokens. Don’t forget to add #fishbank and #giveaway tags so we can track your post in a more convenient manner.

    Link to your crypto fish token

    Show whom you’ve caught or would like to sell on the market. Press the Share button on the crypto fish token information page to show it off for the community.

    Your Invitation Link

    This link will lead players directly to the game, so it’s better to explain them what it is and how to play it (MetaMask / Toshi / Trust Wallet required).

    Fishbank reserves the right to change Giveaway conditions without prior notice. All changes will be made on this page, all updates and announcements will be published on Telegram News Channel and official Twitter.

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Catch your crypto fish! Collect, grow and trade crypto fish tokens in the new blockchain game. Massively multiplayer battle game based on Ethereum smart contracts. Launch Game