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How to play?

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Fishbank is the blockchain game running on Ethereum smart contracts.

Requirements to play Fishbank:

  • MetaMask digital wallet extension for your desktop browser, Toshi or Trust Wallet app on your mobile device,
  • some Ether in your digital wallet.

Install MetaMask MetaMask is convinient digital wallet to store and transfer Ethereum cryptocurrency that can be installed as an add-on in almost all popular browsers.

Play Fishbank on any iOS or Android device:

Trust Wallet Get Toshi
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Play Fishbank Today!

Fishbank is running in Ethereum blockchain mainnet and requires Ether to pay for gas to complete in-game operations.

1) Install MetaMask digital wallet plugin for Chrome or Firefox browser. https://metamask.io

2) Unlock your MetaMask wallet and please make sure your are on Mainnet as shown on the right.

3) Get some Ether on Coinbase, Shapeshift orLocalEthereum or ask your friends to transfer you some.

4) Go to https://play.fishbank.io Enter your e-maill address and choose desired nickname to start playing.

You need at least one crypto fish token to play the game — buy one from other players on the integrated in-game marketplace or try to catch one in decentralized deep blue ocean for a fixed fee in Ether.

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Fishbank allows collecting, fighting and trading cryptographically unique fish tokens.

Every action in Fishbank game is a transaction in Ethereum blockchain signed by your wallet private key. That requires a gas (Ethereum network kind of fuel) as a reward for miner to include operation in the block.

That makes sure every fish token is 100% owned by player. It cannot be transfered, dimilished or removed without player’s will as long as private keys are kept in a safe place.

All crypto fish tokens are securely stored in Ethereum blockchain — an immutable database distributed worldwide. Every game action (fighting history, transactions) may be accessed and checked through public nodes explorers.

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Build an army of crypto fish tokens to attack opponents and take the leadership in deep blue decentralized ocean food chain.

The core parameter of every fish token is the weight which defines its size and influence. Fish is able to gain weight by hunting others and taking a bite off loosers.

Fighting and catching like any other game action are based on Ethereum smart contracts with open source code, that grants fair rules and transparent formulas.

Game economy can’t be influenced by developers as there is no tools to change code after smart contracts are deployed and game is launched.

Crypto fish tokens are traded directly between players, Fishbank game takes just 4.5% comission from confirmed deals to maintain game operation costs.

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Chance to catch uncommon crypto fish token is hardcored in smart contracts as follows:

  • Common — 1:5
  • Rare — 1:50
  • Epic — 1:5000
  • Legendary — 1:1000000
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